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100 Venues Listed - Now What?


We recently clocked over 100 listed venues. And as of writing, we’re currently at 108.

On average, each venues has around 4 specials. So that means we currently have a little over 400 active specials.

That’s a lot, but we want more!

We’re currently working on making sure that each suburb is represented equally. This is currently how many venues we have for each area.

CBD: 30

North: 29

South: 36

East: 18

West: 3

It’s pretty clear from those numbers that the west is very under represented. It doesn’t help when a lot of the inner-west is filled with ports.

Still, we’re going to prioritise the western suburbs, with Footscray at the top of that list. There’s a few bars & restaurants that have come to our there over the past couple of months.

The other areas will still be looked after – the north will always have our heart – and we’ll be aiming to hit 200 venues in the coming months.

If you’re reading this and have any venue suggestions of your own, then feel free to let us know.

Otherwise, keep being awesome and we’ll chat again soon!

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