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Melbourne Design Awards ?


Just recently we were awarded Silver at The Melbourne Design Awards for ‘the best food and drink website’ in Melbourne.

It was an incredible honour and a testament to the effort put in by our web team, Emote Digital.

Our focus has always been to provide the best user experience imaginable, allowing users to easily discover Melbourne’s best food and drink specials.

Simply the other day I received an e-mail that began like this.

“I frequently use your website when I’m out and about and I love its smoothness and user friendly layout.”

It makes me incredibly happy to know that we’re helping people experience more of our beautiful city.

Unlike our competitors, our online directory will remain free of annoying popups and irrelevant banner ads and will continue to be a smooth and friendly experience.

Always, and forever.

You can read more about our winning entry on the official Design 100 website. 

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