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At CHUG, you know we love specials and you know we love burgers. So much so, that we have a list dedicated to finding the best burger specials in Melbourne. So when we heard of The Burger Collective, an app that ranks Melbourne’s best burgers AND also have exclusive discounts, we were very interested.

We sat down with Kieran Warwick, The founder behind The Burger Collective, so we could learn more.

Q: What does The Burger Collective App do?

A: The Burger Collective is the social media platform for burgers. The app gives burger lovers the best tools to find, rate and receive deals on burgers. We also provide restaurants with an outlet to promote their burgers.

Q: Why did you start TBC (The Burger Collective)?

A: I started TBC because I knew there was an enormous burger community in Australia that was multiplying rapidly but it was spread across too many different groups. Each group didn’t know the other, even though they all loved the same thing, burgers. TBC brings all of these burger lovers into one single platform that offers everything burger lovers need.

Q: What do you have planned for TBC?

A: The most significant thing in the works is ‘Order Ahead’ feature, which will be launching in early April. This will allow our 25,000+ members to order from one of our partnered restaurants and skip the queue. Plus they’ll also receive their exclusive TBC deal, which can include upgrades like free bacon or cheap milkshakes.

Q: What’s your proudest moment since launching TBC?

A: I’d have to say that it was launch day; we were working on the app for 18 months before launching, so seeing over 1000 people download it on day one was an extremely proud moment for my team and I.

Q: Where are your top 3 burger joints in Melbourne?

Royal Stacks: found in Melbourne, Sydney and soon to be China – these guys are truly pros in the gourmet burger industry.

Straight Six: Found right near Flemington racecourse, they are fairly new to the burger scene and their smashed patties are to die for.

Easey’s: Co-owned by Jimmy Hurlston one of the OGs in the Melbourne burger scene. One reason I love it is because you can eat in a old tram hoisted several floors up. The other reason is of course, the burgers, they are good, really good.

Download The Burger Collective App for Android and Apple here.

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