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Taco Specials


Why settle for just juan? Here’s how to get more of Melbourne’s taco-ey goodness.

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Taco Tuesday


Eating tacos next to a skate park has previously been reserved for the cooler folk among us, thankfully Beach Burrito has now brought it to the masses. On Tuesdays their tacos are $3, and you’re able to throw them back while admiring their indoor skate bowl. If you eat enough, you might even be able to have a roll around.

Taco Tuesday

From Cantina St Kilda

Below street level in their own little Mexican bunker, lives Acland St Cantina. On Tuesday evenings, 4 tacos will set you back $20. It’s a little fancier, but expect a great night out.

Taco Wednesday

From Metropol

Kogi BBQ beef and roasted cauliflower make The Metropol’s tacos a little different. They’re a refreshing shake-up and for $3 on a Wednesday night they’re an easy choice. And by sheer coincidence, you’ll also find $9 margaritas on at the same time (what are the odds?!)

Taco Tuesday

From The Dan O'Connell Hotel

Inside the warm embrace of the Dan O’Connell you’ll find $2 bean tacos served every Tuesday from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. There’s also beef tacos and mini enchiladas for $3. The Dan is super laid back and there’s also a pool table for a post dinner competition.

Taco Tuesday

From Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill

Not many know it, but Salsa’s has a little secret; every Tuesday their tacos are $2. It’s barely advertised, but those in the know have been exploiting it for eons. There’s chicken, fish and several slow-cooked options. It’s a steal when they’re normally around $4. To be eligible, you just need to sign up to their member program. It’s free.

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