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Hidden Bars & History Tour

Melbourne likes a secret, and the best ones come in the form of hidden bars. These speakeasies are off the beaten path; hidden behind unmarked doors, down dingy lane ways or at the back of takeaway joints.

Join the Hidden Bars & History, and gain a greater understanding of Melbourne’s hidden drinking scene.

Why Does Melbourne Love Hidden Bars?

In 1916, the Victorian Government declared it illegal to serve liquor after 6:00pm – all in attempt to reduce alcohol consumption. It was Australia’s version of the prohibition. So If you wanted a drink after 6:00pm, you’d have to enjoy it somewhere in secret.

This ban stretched for 50 years, and actually had the opposite effect! Alcohol consumption went up by 40%. This attempt at stopping alcohol, is what truly propelled Australia’s very strong drinking culture. And it’s part of the reason we like a hidden bar.

So What Happens On The Hidden Bar Tour?

Across the evening we’ll visit 3 hidden bars in Melbourne’s CBD, and enjoy their signature drinks. From a lush secret cellar to a cocktail lounge with no-name; that’s all we can say without ruining the surprise.

We’ll spend around 30 – 40 minutes at each bar. And then we’ll finish up a restaurant 6 floors up, for a light dinner. You’ll finish with a much better knowledge of Melbourne’s secret drinking scene.

Drink: Cocktails, Wine, Beer & Spirits

Everyone has different tastes, so drinks are not included in the ticket price. But we’ve pulled some strings so that each bar provides us with exclusive drinks specials.

Several of these deals aren’t available even to the public. So you’ll be saving money: VIP style.

These specials include beer, wine, spirits & cocktails.

Eat: Entree & Dinner Included

Ahhhhh, Melbourne, the food capital of Australia!
We’ll enjoy some small bites at our first venue and at our third venue, we’ll enjoy a light dinner. All of this is included in the ticket price.

We can cater for vegans, vegetarians + gluten & lactose intolerance. Simply let us know when you book.

Hear Legendary Stories

Melbourne’s past is filled with crazy stories. Throughout the night we’ll tell the story of how ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ came to be. This isn’t history class; we’ve cut the fat and only tell the best tales.

We’ll cover. . .

  • Why Melbourne used to be the richest city in the world
  • Melbourne’s most notorious mistress
  • How Melbourne’s lane way bar scene really started
  • & much more. . .

Explore Awesome Lane Ways

Between our awesome bars, we’ll explore Melbourne’s winding laneways & visit historical icons. We’ll dive headfirst into the ‘real’ Melbourne, and give you a big dose of the city’s culture.
Highlights include. . .

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